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Shot Volume[cm³]:334

Shot weight[G]:304

Injection Rate[g/s]:148

Injection Speed[mm/s]:

Injection Pressure[Mpa]:210

Screw Speed[Rpm]:180

Lisong pine high-speed thin-wall injection molding machine, equipped with an optimized hydraulic system, significantly increased injection speed. Match special fast screw, show higher plasticizing ability. The high rigidity clamping structure can meet the requirement of high speed and high pressure.
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10 features of lisong injection molding machine

1: Optimized Toggle Unit Design
Optimized Toggle Unit Design, High speed Clamping unit system, Optimize platen design, Decrease platen deformation, Provide more higher bearing capacity of mold
2: Cam-ring Mechanism
Simple and Precise Mold Thickness Adjusting Mechanism Ensureauto-correct clamping force, Auto-correct clamping force

3:Multistage ejector
Fast ejector action with smooth and steady, Easy to nstall elector rod, Whole-process guidance of ejector, Realizable impulse type ejector

4:More larger space of mold
Suitable for more large mold

5:Large-sized Linear Guide Rail Support
Reduce the deviation of platens, Extend the working life f pull bars, Higher bearing capacity of mold

6:The Advanced Control Interface
High peed microprocessor, Human engineering layout, Direct menu key access, Data image monitoring, Self diagnosis and fault detection capability

7:Closed-loop PID temperature controller
Precise temDerature control, Excellently stable process control

8:Efficient Injection Structure
Uniform load in the screw, Increase the plasticizing capacity, Low energy consumption, Stable structure, make the Injection efficiency higher, Simple production process

9:Precise linear guide rail
Reduce the moving standard deviation in injection process, to ensure that coaxiality of Injection

10:Servo Motor and Drive
More energy saving, Faster response time, High repeatability precision, Lower noise

Product Parameters
Lisong Injection Technology LS 220/530
Model description 220/530-655
International size  2200-655
Clamping unit 220/530
Clamping force[KN] 2200
Locking force[KN] 2420
Max.mould opening stroke[mm] 500
Min.mould height[mm] 200
Max.mould height[mm] 550
Max.daylight[mm] 1050
Mould platen[mm] 800*740
Distance between tie bars[mm] 530*470
Ejection stroke[mm] 150
Ejection force[KN] 67
Injection unit 655
Screw diameter[mm] 45 50 55
Screw geometry special
L/D ratio 22.2 20 18.2[bar] 1970 1596 1319
Max.cylinder head volume[cm³] 334 412 499
max.shot weigth[g] 304 375 454
Max.rate of injection      
>without accumulator[cm³/s] 186 230 278
Injection speed      
>without accumulator[mm/s] 117 117 117
Plasticising rate      
>motor[g/s] 20.3 25.5 31.2
Max.screw stroke[mm] 210 210 210
Max.nozzle dipping depth[mm] 50
Nozzle sealing force[KN] 80
Number of heating zone 4
Hopper capacity[ltr] 50
General data 220/530-655
Oil tand capacity[ltr.] 400
Installed electrical rating      
pump[kw] 25.5 25.5 25.5
heating capacity of screw cylinder[kw] 15.5
capacity with hydraulic drive[kw] 30 30 30
capacity with electr drive[kw] 46 46 46
Net weight(without oil)[kg] 7300
Machine dimensions(l*w*h)[m] 5.8*1.65*2.1
Why Choose Us
  • 1.High speedFast speed, production cycle almost doubled

    Taking the production of an eight-thousand-ml circular lid as an example, the cycle of a well-known domestic brand 390T model is more than 7s, and the whole cycle of Lisong LS288G6 is only about 4.8s when the equipment is automatically taken out.

  • 2.Energy savingLow energy consumption, saving over 30% of energy consumption

    The energy consumption of the injection molding machine of the same specification is 35-40kw/hour, a small part of it is barely 35KW/ hour, and the energy consumption of LS288G6 is only 25KW/ hour, which greatly reduces the production cost.

  • 3.StableIntelligent, realize the whole process of unmanned production

    With advanced intelligent technology and mature design of robot module, the product can realize the automation of continuous production process stably, without any manual operation, and achieve the best black light factory mode.

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