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Shanghai Lisong Industrial Technology Co., Ltd
Leader of high speed injection molding machine in China
Shanghai Lisong Industrial Technology Co., Ltd is located in Pudong, Shanghai, China. Our production plant is convenient5-minute drive from Yuyao exit of Hangzhou-Ningbo highway. The existingproduction plant covers an area of 26,000 square meters and is dedicated tohigh-speed precision injection molding machine, injection molding systemcontrol, automation system framework and safety, injection molding artificialintelligence and industrial 4.0 development and its application.
Main Products
Lisong high speed injection molding machine series products are widely used in food packaging, chemical packaging, daily necessities, medical equipment, bottle embryo and other major fields, and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, America and so on
Shanghai Lisong Industrial Technology Co., Ltd

Company to technological innovation as the driving force, by thenational one thousand plan experts leading domestic technology research anddevelopment team, introduction of a batch of worked at HUSKY, KBASE INC,asenior technical talent, lead the company technology innovation and developingfrontier markets. At the same time, relying on Canada's pioneering enterprises,industrial automation control in high speed precision injection moldingequipment automation, factory automation and other fields of the injectionmolding machine application field for injection molding machine from globalcustomers to provide professional system solutions and intelligent automationsolution as a whole

Lisong high speed precision injection molding machine

The high speed precision injection molding machine manufacturedby the company has high speed, high efficiency, high precision and high energysaving characteristics. The products are applied in the field of injectionmolding, such as cosmetic packaging, medical supplies (collecting bloodvessels, needle tubes), dining box knife and fork spoon, film internal paste,chemical paint bucket and other terminal products. Currently, typicalcustomers include Tianjin Tongyuan Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., Wuxi XintianPlastic Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Aicor MedicalTechnology Co.,Ltd, etc.

30 years of R & D
2 Years assurance
500 Successful Cases
10 patent certificates
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