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 Wide mouth preform injection moulding line in China
Wide mouth preform injection moulding line in China
  • Industry:PET
  • Localtion:China
  • Machine Type:PET2600/420
  • Capacity:2500
Customer case introduction

Using finite element (FEA) analysis of the mechanical direct pressure type center clamping structure, the clamping force is evenly distributed, can bear the impact of high cavity pressure, and is suitable for large molding

Wide-mouth preform of area.

Single-cylinder injection structure, fast starting speed, high shooting speed, small impact on the power grid, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Using low shear, high plasticization, PET special screw, high efficiency and good quality.

The mold opening adopts a high-response servo proportional valve, which has a fast starting speed, and the repeatability of the mold opening end position reaches 0.1mm, which effectively protects the mold.

Has a complete set of customer training system, multi-dimensional promotion of CRM.

Specification (diameter mm)  Weight per embryo (g)  Number of cavities Recommended model
60 40~50 8 PET600/200  PET1400/250
12 PET1400/250 PET1400/290
80/84 50 8 PET1400/250
12 PET1400/250 PET1400/290
85 50~75 8 PET1400/250 PET1400/290
12 PET1400/290
100 30 8 PET1400/290
12 PET1700/360
80 50~75 16 PET2600/420
80/100 50 24 PET2600/420 PET3700/420
30 years of R & D
2 Years assurance
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10 patent certificates
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